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Trump und KVI = perfekte Zwillinge

“One might ex­pect that when see­king such a start­ling out­co­me, a plain­tiff would come for­mi­da­bly armed with com­pel­ling legal ar­gu­ments and fac­tual proof of ram­pant cor­rup­tion, such that this Court would have no op­tion but to re­gret­ta­bly grant the pro­po­sed in­junc­tive re­lief de­spite the im­pact it would have on such a large group of ci­ti­zens. That has not hap­pe­ned. In­s­tead, this Court has been pre­sen­ted with strai­ned legal ar­gu­ments wi­thout merit and spe­cu­la­tive ac­cu­sa­ti­ons, un­pled in the ope­ra­tive com­plaint and un­sup­por­ted by evi­dence.”

Ich die Wahlfälschung-Vorwürf​e von Trump und die Argumente der KVI passen pefekt zu diesem weisen richterlichen Spruch.

Deshalb: Nein zur KVI.

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